Style: Quaffable.

Aromas: Fruit cake, raisins, beans, cabbage, herbs, magnolia kombucha.

Flavor: Cinnamon tisane.

Sweetness: Dry-yet-fruity.

Enjoy: Now, and in cocktails.

Pairing: Baked hams, meat loaf, lasagna, barbecues, dishes with heavy sauces.

Bottom Line: An off the beaten path Malbec, without the jamminess of most. Savory and high toned, with an almost Italiante profile that makes it an interesting curiosity.

Va Bene (Malbec red wine) 12.5% alc.vol

  • This medium bodied, Italian style Malbec is unique in that it is not processed to be jammy or peppery, but using our natural process the minerality of the San Joachim soil (Lodi, CA) is preserved producing a brighter feeling wine. In fact, it is a truer representation of a Malbec as we are not trying to emulate South American Malbecs.



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