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Style: Fruity and juicy, smooth and New World (without the oak).

Aromas: Craisins and sultanas, cocoa-dusted nuts, creme brulee.

Flavor: As Aromas, with accents of powdered nuts, minerals, and a hint of bouillon.

Sweetness: Dry-yet-fruity.

Enjoy: On its own and with food.

Pairing: Pot roast, Beef Teriyaki, Steak fajitas, all italian foods, Prosciutto and melone.

Bottom Line: A super tasty Sangiovese and Pinot Noir blend with a nice mix of fresh and dried fruit flavors with a toasty bow.

Trovato (SanGiovese + Pinot Noir red wine) 12.5% alc.vol

  • This light of medium bodied, old-school Italian style red blend is rare, as "style" dictates reds are heavy, bold, tannic.


    This is reminiscent of Chiantis 25 years ago, before Cabernet Sauvignon was increasingly used in the blend.


    Slow Foods italy cosnider this wine a heritage blend, and using our heritage natural process, we believe we have captured the true craft of the Lunigiana (most Northern Tuscany) and present a simple yet versatile wine that can be drunk during the heat of summer too.


    This can be chilled without wrecking its structure.