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Style: Quaffable and funky.

Aromas: vegetable greens, marinated beets, cherry.

Flavor: Minerals.

Sweetness: Dry-yet-fruity.

Enjoy: On its own and with food.

Pairing: Sloppy Joe's, steak and potatoes, beef/sausage stews.

Bottom Line: A red quaffer fro a crowd.

extra: a naturally made wine, vegan/vegetarian friendly.



Respiro (Cabernet Sauvignon red wine) 12.5% alc.vol

  • This light-of-medium bodied, Cabernet Sauvignon is unique in that it is easy to drink and is light compared to standard processed and adjusted Cabs.


    Lean, bright, dry-yet-fruity, sleek short minerals finish with woody tannins and moderate oak flavor.


    Oh yes, it's organic.