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Style: Light, feels like a white wine.

Aromas: Craisins, anise.

Flavor: as Aromas, minerals.

Sweetness: Dry-yet-fruity.

Enjoy: on its own and with food.

Pairing: great with lighter bites, pastas.

Bottom Line: A fresh, Grenache and Syrah blend,



Musette (Grenache & Syrah red wine blend) 12.5% alc.vol

  • This light red wine blend is rare, and appreciated by those not wanting their wines to overwhem the more delicate of dishes and those wanting to re-calibrate their palate after being pummeled by an increasingly narrow offering of red wines comprised of mostly heavy, tannic reds.


    This wine suits white wine lovers who might want to try a red, as it has a mineral "lift". 

    This wine suits those who seek out sweet wines as an antidote to the commonplace heavier red wines, although it is not sweet.


    It can be chilled without wrecking its structure and makes perfect summer red wine, going with all kinds of light summer dishes.